CIFA E.T.S is an organization and CSO engaged in international cooperation projects that has been working in the field of child protection, education and international adoptions for about 40 years.

It works in Turin, nationally and abroad with projects to strengthen the condition of minors and youth with partners such as the Metropolitan City of Turin, the Municipality of Turin, the Municipality of Milan, the Municipality of Palermo, the University of Turin, Amnesty International, Legambiente Nazionale, the A come Ambiente Museum in Turin, and funders including the AICS Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, the European Union and the Compagnia di San Paolo. Since 2017, it has been engaged in projects to defend the environment and promote sustainable lifestyles, which have become an integral part of its mission. Since 2019 CIFA has subscribed to the Protocol for Green Education of the Piedmont Region, actively participated in the initiatives of the Network, Environment and Climate Turin movement and local consultation processes such as Popular Assembly. It is also a member of ASVIS.

Previous experience in global citizenship education, international cooperation and/or communication campaigns (in the last 2 years):

– “#SOStenibilmente” (May 2019-June 2021), a national environmental education project funded by AICS with partnership of, among others, Regione Piemonte and UNITO-Green Office and implemented at national and local level ( with the participation of more than 850 schools throughout Italy;

– “100% environment and community: waste valorisation and community awareness for the protection of the Kebena River in Addis Ababa”, (March 2021-February2020), funded by AICS;

– ‘Message from a bottle’ (September 2018-June 2019), a project to raise awareness on plastic pollution in the city of Turin based on Ethiopian best practices, as part of the FRAME, VOICE, REPORT! EU-funded;

– “#Hatetrackers” (April 2020-March 2022), a hate speech initiative with a part of activities aimed at raising awareness of the issue but a main focus on empowerment of victims and activists, funded by the Google Impact Award (;

CIFA over the years in the above mentioned experiences has developed competences in the field of education for global citizenship and environmental sustainability and specifically in communication: campaigns and national, in-person and streaming events, youth participation in campaign design, use of social media (10000 individual users of the facebook page, about 9800 newsletter subscribers; instagram channel). instagram channel). In the #Hatetrackers project he managed a dedicated website and instagram channel.

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