Anthropolis is a public benefit non-profit association, founded in 2002.

Global education (developing and distributing educational materials, organising workshops and courses for both students and adults) and awareness raising (organising cultural events, exhibitions, screening series, panel discussions and conferences with reference to development problems and social sciences) are the main working areas of Anthropolis. Anthropolis is a member HAND Platform [] (Hungarian Association of NGOs for Development and Humanitarian Aid). Anthropolis is one of the main and most active promoters on global education in Hungary.

Anthropolis met the digital storytelling method in 2010 and since then the organization delivered several workshops and projects for diverse target groups e.g. teachers, people in special need, individuals, etc. Anthropolis organized international workshops for teachers and trainers from all over Europe.  Anthropolis dedicates a website especially for DST [] where all the connected activities (workshops, films, materials) are available.

In the last decade Anthropolis has been working together with more than 50 European non-governmental organisations in the field of education, culture, research and social work. We have built strategic partnerships with local communities, decision makers, universities, NGOs and educational development institutes.






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